Closing Down




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Firstly if I could say on behalf of the Bike Barn and all the staff it has been great helping all our customers achieve whatever their personal riding goals have been through all the year we have been operating.

We have come to a point where tough decisions had to be made. The Salvation Army purchased the building we are located in and have to make some changes inside our store. After some discussion  a demolition clause in the lease meant we had to be out of this location before the end of January 2019.

Having some time to look at possible new locations and costing things out for the relocation the decision was made to close down before the end of January.

So we have reduced quite a large amount of stock all ready but everything remaining has to go.

Prices have been slashed on quite a few lines we have in stock so if you need anything please take advantage of the great deals on offer.

Thanks again.