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You ride with two legs, so measure both!

With InfoCrank, you can now measure directly at the source where you apply torque to the cranks. Riders like Robbie McEwen could only have wished for dual sided cycling power meters for sale in their day, but we aren’t all Green Jersey winners, so why should we care about Left and Right? 

Measuring direct Left and Right because power is the key metric to improving your cycling. When cycling with a power meter that is accurate, you get more of the right data so that you can solve imbalances and make real gains.

The simplest power crank 
InfoCrank is loved by the pros and Institutes, but in reality it was designed for cyclists like yourself who want to improve their cycling performance. We often hear that InfoCrank works so well, day in day out, that cyclists forget it’s on their bike. 
InfoCrank is a highly complex scientific unit, but we made sure it was a super easy install, setup and beautiful to ride. From start to finish of your ride, an InfoCrank bike power meter records true Left and Right power balance, Pedal Smoothness, Torque Effectiveness and Cadence – all without skipping a beat.

What you want is accurate, reliable and consistent data coming from your bicycle power meter day in, day out. This is the exact reason that Verve exists today. 
We have partnered with the best to solve problems of bad data so that you can now effectively record, train and race with true data. Accuracy claims aren’t good enough when the power data drifts with temperature changes. 
Science is progressing and coaches are upskilling to start understanding and improving using bilateral power. It’s not just about training with a power meter, you now need to measure both legs individually to truly know how your body is moving the bike forward. You need to move from entry level total power estimation to an elite performance power measuring device, the InfoCrank. 
If you want to know a little bit more about how we made the best new power meter for cycling, dig deeper with us. We’ll explain how we’ve achieved it through precision machining, building a load cell into our bike cranks and applying the best strain gauges in the world, compensating for temperature changes by design not algorithm. We’ll also touch on why we chose to use cadence magnets, why we have such a high sampling rate, and why we’re using ANT+ to get the information to your bike computer. 
Each crank records 256 times per second and the average torque for the pedal stroke is sent every time the crank passes the system’s magnet. The data can be picked up on an ANT+ device from InfoCrank – it’s actually made for them by o-synce – or a third party like Garmin, for example. 
Verve Cycling claim that InfoCrank is accurate to ±0.2 N m (newton metre) for measurements below 20 N m, and to 1% of actual readings for measurements above 20 N m. It has a power range of up to 3,000 watts, so it’ll cover everyone. 
InfoCranks work on widely available SR44 batteries, two on each side. If you ride three hours a day, four days a week, they’ll need replacing once a year, according to Verve Cycling.

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