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The Wearable X Rear bike light is the ultimate light for the ardent commuter who wants to up their visibility game.

Optical Lens Technology

This light comes with a respectable 35 lumen light output and yet Cateye have pushed this to create maximum visibility. The lens of this light has therefore been pimped out to give you a heightened level of light and also provides you with 180-degrees of visibility. The lens utilises superior lens and reflector technology which gives the light beam an improved level of clarity.

6 Light Modes

The X Rear light comes with 6 different light modes to give you full flexibility to ensure that your bike light is creating the right sort of light for your environment and your battery life. The modes are:-

  •          High: 35 lumens – 1hr battery life
  •          Low: 3 lumens – 10hrs battery life
  •          Flashing: 35 lumens – 30hrs battery life
  •          Rapid: 35 lumens - 10hrs battery life
  •          Pulse: 35 lumens – 10hrs battery life
  •          Vibration: 35 lumens - 10hrs battery life

Battery Auto Save Mode

The light also comes with the handy feature of the battery auto save mode – when your battery gets to a certain low level the light will automatically change to the battery save mode which is a flashing mode that will emit enough light for long enough that you can safely reach the end of your journey or a safe stopping point where you can recharge your light. This saves you losing light suddenly while on the road.


  •          180 degree visibility
  •          Weighs 20g
  •          USB rechargeable
  •          Includes rubber band and clasp mounting sytems
  •          2hrs recharging time
  •          Double Ring COB LED technology
  •          6 different light modes
  •          35 lumen output

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